BK Gem Designs 200 Design Collection by Bob Kay

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      BK Gem Designs 200 Design Collection
      by Bob Kay

      GEM DESIGNS BY BOB KAY- For Gem Facetors. Conveniently produced in PDF & GemCad formats, these mostly round and some fancy cut designs are cataloged in numeric order.

      Facetors will love the simplistic designs with mostly rounded number values. Produced with GemCad, each design includes step-by-step instruction and three-plane drawing views.

      This collection of designs uses the 64, 80, 96 & 120 Index gears and is for materials with a refractive index (RI) of 1.54 - 2.16. All designs were verified for light loss using Raytrace. Angle corrections were made where necessary.

      All 200 designs should provide a variety for all levels of complexity, from very simple to downright challenging! 

      The digital download file which contains both the Adobe (*.pdf) format, and GemCad (*.gem) versions for your convenience. Total download is about 7mb. These files will be available for download from the order confirmation page with an email that will be sent to you.

      Photographic examples of some of the author's favorite cuts and more information about Bob can be found here.

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