Lightning Lap Aluminum Oxide Dressing Bar

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      Aluminum Oxide Dressing Bar

      This 220 grit Aluminum Oxide Dressing bar is 4" long x 3/4" square. It's used for dressing Sintered Metal diamond laps and diamond saw blades.

      Dressing Stick Instructions: If you think your Sintered Metal diamond laps  and saw blades have stopped cutting like they used to, or are scratching, think again. They might need to be dressed or sharpened by running this fine 220 mesh aluminum oxide dressing bar over the surface for five to ten seconds with water running. This effectively breaks down the vacuum to smooth & sharpen the diamond product.

      Simply run your lap disk on the machine, and apply plenty of water while doing so. Press a square edge of the stick against the belt or disk for 5-10 seconds. 

      With saw blades, gently push the ALOB dressing bar into the cutting edge, allowing the saw to cut into the bar. Be sure to use lots of water. Using this dressing bar can often provide extended use of your sintered metal diamond products.

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    • With advancements in technology, Lightning Lap has continued to evolve since inception. Our goal has been to help meet the needs of lapidary users everywhere. If it wasn't for the wonderful community at large, Lightning Lap wouldn't even exist. It is your honest input that has stirred the juices of thought and experimentation. Thanks to all supporters and aficionados of LL products which have come to life for you; and even for some, because of you. For without your friendship and support, none of these ideas would likely exist. Still, we must not rest on our laurels. New paths to perfecting brightness await the mind and hand!

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