Lightning Lap D'Lite Diamond Laps

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      Lightning Lap D'Lite Diamond Laps

      The "D'LITE" Diamond-Resin-Bonded faceting laps are currently being offered in 6 grit sizes from 600 to 50k. Just use water as lubrication! Grit sizes correspond with a pleasing color palette.

      Inspired by an interest in natural things near and far, this Stellar diamond series of polishing laps comes in both Standard 1/4", and 0.125" thickness Topper laps. These laps have a diamond impregnated, resin surface. With care they are long-lasting and do a great job of polishing gemstones. 

      A word of caution: The DLite600 is not a direct replacement for a metal-bond diamond steel lap! It is however, a great follow-up lap, for coarse pre-polishing, after cutting facets with the steal diamond lap. 

      Arbor hole is 1/2".

  • About Us
    • With advancements in technology, Lightning Lap has continued to evolve since inception. Our goal has been to help meet the needs of lapidary users everywhere. If it wasn't for the wonderful community at large, Lightning Lap wouldn't even exist. It is your honest input that has stirred the juices of thought and experimentation. Thanks to all supporters and aficionados of LL products which have come to life for you; and even for some, because of you. For without your friendship and support, none of these ideas would likely exist. Still, we must not rest on our laurels. New paths to perfecting brightness await the mind and hand!

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    • Variant: 6" / Standard / 600 Red
    • SKU: DLD6S-600
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    • Weight: 1.2 lb
    • Product Type: Diamond Laps