Lightning Lap A2-BRUTUS Alumina Polishing Lap

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  • Product Description

      A2-BRUTUS Alumina Polishing Lap

      The LLA2-Brutus is part of the LIGHTNING LAP Polishing System, which is sure to change the way you've been polishing gemstones. Expect fast, flat, aggressive polishing on many soft to hard materials. 

      • Use only water for lubrication.
      • Durable - polish many stones before resurfacing is required.
      • 1/2" arbor hole
      • Available in Standard and Topper formats.

      Due to a larger micron size and the 9-mohs hardness, LLA2-Brutus is a fast, more aggressive alumina polishing lap. It can even remove gem material while polishing.

      The A2-BRUTUS polishing lap has been a part of the Lightning Lap system for almost a decade now. It's coated with a special alumina that is sure to change the way you've been faceting and polishing gemstones.

      The A2-BRUTUS works very well on gems such as Beryl, Tourmaline, Topaz, and many hard stones over 8-9 mohs, as well as some soft gem materials, such as Fluorite.

      Use only water to keep the stone cool, and to flush the swarf away. Although the A2-BRUTUS is very durable, the number, size and species of stones being polished, as well as technique, will determine the life of any lap.

      Oxides have been the choice of polishers since the beginning of time. This is a must have for your polishing bench! When diamond polishes just won't finish it right, try the LL-A2-BRUTUS. You'll be glad you did!

  • About Us
    • With advancements in technology, Lightning Lap has continued to evolve since inception. Our goal has been to help meet the needs of lapidary users everywhere. If it wasn't for the wonderful community at large, Lightning Lap wouldn't even exist. It is your honest input that has stirred the juices of thought and experimentation. Thanks to all supporters and aficionados of LL products which have come to life for you; and even for some, because of you. For without your friendship and support, none of these ideas would likely exist. Still, we must not rest on our laurels. New paths to perfecting brightness await the mind and hand!

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